Chemical Cleaning

Increase your building efficiency!

In larger buildings, HVAC equipment is often the single largest consumer of energy. The more the equipment becomes fouled, the more energy the equipment consumes to satisfy the demand placed on it.

As contaminants accumulate, efficiency declines rapidly. Contaminants can range from mud, oils, sand, and algae to hard mineral scales which cause the equipment to work harder to meet demand, thereby consuming more energy and costing more money.

Chemical cleaning methods employ the use of acid and caustic solutions which are circulated through the equipment to dissolve and/or disperse contaminants depending on the situation and the cleaner chosen.

Under the right conditions HVAC equipment can be cleaned and brought back to its original condition, resulting lower operating costs.


Professional, safe and effective cleaning on the following systems:


  • water tube
  • fire tube
  • coil tube


  • absorption
  • water and air cooler

Cleaning of many types of equipment

  • humidification coils
  • water cooler jackets
  • oil cooler compressors
  • heat exchange reactors
  • cooling towers (all styles)
  • close loop systems
  • …and more!

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